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Fresh Financial Planning for life's big changes.

We support you and your family during challenging times by removing financial uncertainty and replacing it with financial freedom.

We help:

People going through divorce

For many, the biggest change in life. We make sure that you have a robust financial plan in place and fight your corner when things get confusing.

People approaching retirement and in retirement

Understanding financial jargon and knowing if you're going to be comfortable in retirement can be very daunting. We build you a financial plan to answer the big questions. 



/ ˈlɪv ˈviːˌtaɪ /


Live the course of one's life.

How we help you:

Stress Testing.png

Stress Testing

We stress test your current situation to ensure that it fits with your life both immediately and in the future.

Financial Plan

Financial Plan

We help put a plan in place to make you feel reassured that you have a sufficient amount of money to support you and your family.

Life's Binoculars.png

Life's Binoculars

We will not just think about your finances now, but also what they may look like in the future, which you may not have considered just yet.



We’ve got your back to make you feel fully confident with any decisions you make, knowing there is a plan behind every little action.



We translate complex pension talk so that you understand how they help you to live the life you want. 

Our process:

1. Focus


2. Fix


3. Follow


We are a business that focuses on what you truly want to get out of your life. We don’t start with your financial products and we fully believe that money is just a tool to help you to get to where you want to.


What you really need right now is a personal, trustworthy confidante who has your side when times get tough and who is willing to fight your corner.


Oh, and for the boring money stuff, we’re also highly qualified Financial Planners with nearly twenty years of experience within financial services.


What our clients say about us:

"Louise has taken the time to find out more about us personally, so that it is not solely a cold financial decision being made, but blended with our specific circumstances and outlook.


In our case, we have always favoured investment with strong ethical credentials, and Louise has been very respectful of that approach that had been viewed as non-mainstream for some time, yet proven to yield healthy outcomes for us during more volatile periods."

"Louise has helped us manage our portfolio prudently through highs and lows in the market, with regular reviews, making recommendations for changes when necessary, but leaving well alone when all is going well, knowing our personal situation well, and and overall providing us with confidence that Louise is genuinely focussed on delivering what is in our best interests."

Vouched For

Vouched For

Chat with us:

Hi, I'm Louise.

I am a Chartered Financial Planner with nearly twenty years of experience in financial planning. 

I specialise in helping people going through big changes in life, just like you.

Louise Sagar
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