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Thinking about how life is changing can be scary.

You want to make sure that you

understand divorce

and how it is going to affect

the rest of your life.

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We know...

that going through divorce is a traumatic experience and comes with a lot of change. Thinking about the future at this point is daunting, especially if you may never have had to deal with your finances before.

We also know...

that it’s scary thinking about life after divorce and this brings lots of confusion and financial uncertainty.


we help to remove this financial uncertainty and get your life back on track with a robust financial plan, so you can live your life with confidence and clarity about your finances.

Without a robust plan in place:


You don't know if your divorce settlement will last your lifetime

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You may worry about what life after divorce looks like and how your divorce settlement supports you

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You don't know if your finances can handle any stress


Your financial future can look scary and uncertain.

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You can get lost in the now and forget what you want to get out of life

You may be asking yourself questions such as...

Is my divorce settlement going to help me live the life I want?

How do I make sure I support my family financially?

Who has my back during challenging times?

You deserve to feel confident

about your financial future

and that your divorce settlement is doing its job

to support you and your family going forward.

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How we help you.

We will help you by:

Live Vitae Financial Planning

Stress testing your divorce settlement to make sure it works for you

Providing a robust financial plan that reassures you that things are taken care of

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Identifying shortfalls in your settlement so that your lawyer can re-negotiate if necessary

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Giving a long-term view of what your finances are doing to help your future life

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Giving you confidence over when you can retire, and what retirement looks like

Educating you on what divorce means and translating complex jargon

Chat with us:

Hi, I'm Louise.

I am a Chartered Financial Planner with nearly twenty years of experience in financial planning. 

I specialise in helping people going through big changes in life, just like you.

Louise Sagar
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