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Our simple, 3-step process:

1. Focus

We listen to your problems and what you want to get out of life to make sure we fully understand what makes you tick.

2. Fix

We unravel all of the complex financial settlements, pensions and figures to build you a robust financial masterplan that maps out your life and the things you want to achieve.

3. Follow - Vitae Refresh

We catch-up with you regularly to make sure the plan is working for you and also hold you accountable to things you said you would do. Plus, we’ll be on hand around the clock so you feel fully supported.

The six Live Vitae stages:

1. Discovery Meeting

We meet you and discover what makes you tick. 

We don't start with your finances, instead we ask you questions about yourself, your family and what you want from life.

What we will do:

Live Vitae Financial Planning 7.png


We stress test your current situation in lots of different scenarios to make sure that it works for you in all possible situations.

Live Vitae Financial Planning 7.png

Life Planning

We visualise your financial future and what we can do today to help you get to where you want.

Live Vitae Financial Planning 7.png

Hold you accountable

We take your life goals seriously and will hold you to them when you say you’re going to do something. This is because we care!

What we won't do:

Live Vitae Financial Planning 8.png

Use complex terminology

There is a lot of confusion going round at the moment, you certainly don’t need any more. It’s our job to make life simpler for you.

Live Vitae Financial Planning 8.png

Do the work and run

We will not simply help you out and then leave you to it. We will provide you with constant telephone and email support throughout our relationship.

Live Vitae Financial Planning 8.png

Shoehorn you into a product

Products (pensions, investments, etc.) are just tools to help you get to where you want. That’s why we look at these at the very end, and only once we’re sure that you absolutely need them and they are right for you.

Chat with us:

Hi, I'm Louise.

I am a Chartered Financial Planner with nearly twenty years of experience in financial planning. 

I specialise in helping people going through big changes in life, just like you.

Louise Sagar
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