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  • Louise Sagar

About Live Vitae Financial Planning

Over my time in financial services, I have had the fortune to work at a variety of different companies. Some of which were excellent financial planning firms and others were less so. I have experienced both good and not so good financial advice and this has shaped the financial planner that I am today.

My values and integrity are extremely important to me, and I have seen that unless you are in your own firm, you are unlikely (but it’s not impossible) to find somewhere that fully aligns with your values.

My clients and their interests are at the centre of what I do, and our meetings are mostly spent talking about them rather than their money. My job is to help you identify the life you want to live and support you to make the right decisions to maintain it throughout your remaining lifetime.

Your wellbeing is of particular importance to us both from a financial and health perspective and we offer tools to support you with this.

Live Vitae Financial Planning is an independent financial planning firm, meaning we are not tied to any particular fund manager or provider, and we can find the right solution for you from across the whole marketplace.

We have taken the time to look for the best technology and resources to support us as a business and our clients going forwards.

A lot of our meetings will be done via video meeting. We have found this to be easier and most efficient for our clients and ourselves and by cutting down on our travelling, we are doing our bit for the environment too. This will also keep both you and I safe whilst the pandemic continues and thanks to technological advances over the last 18 months, most things can be done electronically now. That’s not to say we won’t do face to face meetings if you would prefer, and in some instances, we know this is needed.

We believe that you should not be overcharged for financial planning advice and have seen some really poor examples of overcharging in the past which have led us to adopt a fee structure which sits comfortably within our beliefs. We offer a mix of fixed fee and percentage-based charging and have set both minimum and maximum caps on our initial and ongoing fees.

We hope you like the concept behind Live Vitae Financial Planning and we look forward to helping some of you along your financial journey for many years to come.

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